*Limited Edition Mini heART warmers....

*Only 16 available!

Dispel cold heART spells this February with these miniature paintings. I suggest offering your heART in a small velvet bag to encourage travel - your miniheART warmer can be carried everywhere. Put it on your desk at work for welcome eye (and heART warming) candy throughout the day, or hang it in a neglected corner that needs a splash. It makes for a perfect anchor point on a bookshelf. The options of these versatile little pieces are endless!


2 x 2 in = $25

2 x 3 in = $28

2 x 4 in =  $30

3 x 3 in = $35

4 x 4 = $45 

You might love more than one person - who am I to judge? OR, you might want one for yourself AND your love. Maybe you know many people who could use some heART warming, or maybe you want to set them up side by side as a triptych. This deal is for you....

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 *Purchase 3 or more (of any size) and receive 10% off...

*Shipping & handling:

$*6.00 - Canada (add $1.00 for each additional painting over 3 pieces)

$*8.00 - US (add $1.00 for each additional painting over 3 pieces)

 UK & elsewhere contact us for pricing:

*shipping for 4 x 4 piece will be slightly higher since it is a 1.5 inch depth canvas - add $3.00

Payment is accepted by e-transfer within Canada and Paypal outside of Canada paid to


 In good company....

In good company....

 vertical triptych.....

vertical triptych.....

 miniHEART in hand

miniHEART in hand